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          Zhenjiang jinghua tools co., LTD is located in "China's rural tools" ─ ─ jiangsu danyang near the back alley, is a professional research and production: all kinds of thin wall diamond saw blade, alloy saw blade, engineering drilling, laser welding saw blades and other products of export-oriented enterprises.

          Multichip chew after sawing wood cutting head eating stern q
          Use knowledge quiz about the saw blade
          Saw blade use matters needing attention
          Circular saw blade export growth
          saw blade industry malaise and thriving
          Overview of alloy saw blades
          Tel: 0511-86345999
          Fax: 0511-86336000
          E-mail: toolsjh@163.com
          Website: http://www.viagraxel.com
          Zip code: 212300
          Addr: DanBei Town, Dang Yang City
          JiangSu Province
          Addr:DanBei Town, Dang Yang City , JiangSu Province  Tel:0511-86345999    
          CopyRight ? 2021 Zhenjiang Jinghua Tools co., LTD  All rights reserved  
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